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  1. Kanak Holidays acts as an agent for hotels, transporters and sightseeing and bears no responsibility as principal.
  2. The rates mentioned in the site, contained in the database and offered to the end user or agents are contracted by it with the suppliers like hotels, resorts, car rental companies, guides etc. The suppliers have the right to withdraw, amend, make unavailable such rates to Kanak Holidays without notice. Though Kanak Holidays will endeavor to honor all such rates made available on/through the site, any changes in its contract with its above mentioned suppliers will be liable to effect the rates offered through the site and it may withdraw such offers made to users under these circumstances.
  3. Kanak Holidays will reserve the right to make changes in the program offered if in consonance with any changes with its contract with its suppliers like hotels, car rental companies, guides.
  4. Kanak Holidays bears no liability towards any loss and damage of life and/or property, illness, death due to accident, injury or negligence of traveler, any loss resulting out of any act of nature like fire, flood, earthquake, land-slide etc.
  5. Kanak Holidays site imparts information as received by its suppliers - hotels, car rental companies, guides and its information is also culled from data made available to it from contributors. It makes all effort to ensure the authenticity of the information contained in the site but does not take responsibility of any unintentional errors in facts available on the site.
  6. Kanak Holidays reserves the right to make changes in hotels offered or booked by clients without prior notice in case of any changes made by hoteliers in their contract of services or rate contract to safeguard any loss. It will in such cases, offer alternative hotel/s of its own choice in similar category of near-by same range.
  7. Kanak Holidays reserves the right to refuse to work with any clients that they do not wish to and reserves the right to cancel arrangements already made by clients, without notice in case of dispute regarding any arrangements made by it. Any charges collected will be refunded to clients after adjusting expenses of services already availed.
  8. Any refund made by Kanak Holidays will be based on rates contracted by it with its suppliers hotels, car rental companies, guides, escorts and airlines. Such contracted rates are confidential in nature any clients will waive of any right to see them to confirm amounts of refund made. All rates appearing on its site under "Hotels Only" are NOT confidentially contracted rates and NO REFUNDS will be made on the basis of these rates unless these prices are specifically paid and contracted for with clients in writing.
  9. All check in and check out timings at hotels is 11 a.m. and any extension will be entertained only after mutual discussion and consent.
  10. Kanak Holidays has taken into consideration all presently applicable taxes for hotels, transport - including land vehicles and air passage. In case of any hike in present taxes or new taxes being introduced, the same will be payable by the client availing of the services.
  11. The package on which sight-seeing is not included, any monument entrance charges, guide fee, camera fees and any other fees are to be paid by clients directly. Rate of Packages (having sight-seeing included) may subject to change without prior notice if charges which are beyond our control increase/decrease like guide fee, monument entrance fee, camera fee etc.
  12. The city tour packages last for 3 to 4 hours in a Half-day tour and 6 to 7 hours in a Full-day tour inclusive of an hour lunch break. Day return excursions can last anywhere between 10 to 12 hours depending on traffic situation. Any reduction in tour timing by the clients will not be liable for any compensation. However, any minor increase in the above timing up to 60 minutes will also NOT draw any extra charges.
  13. Since Kanak Holidays demands no full-payments in advance, full and final payment will HAVE to made on arrival at first port of call, after receiving all relevant documents and receiving the keys of the room for the first night of their hotel stay. If Kanak Holidays is proving transport only then full & final payment will HAVE to be made on first arrival (same day) point of the tour. NO exceptions will be made to this.
  14. All disputes are subject to Delhi  jurisdiction only.
  15. Kanak Holidays shall not be responsible for delays or alterations in the program or expenses incurred due to international or domestic flight delays or cancellations, strike, sickness, weather, war, vehicle problems political closures or disputes. 
  16. The booking of any trip is accepted on the understanding that the customer realizes the potential risks and hazards that can be involved in holidays of this kind. Kanak Holidays along with its affiliates and anyone else working in association with Kanak Holidays cannot be held responsible for any death, accident or mishap that may occur in connection with any part of, or services connected with the holiday.
  17. Once a package/tour is availed and paid for or paid for and availed, there would be NO refunds if any part of the package is not availed unless otherwise agreed upon by Kanak Holidays. 

Refund percentage on Transport services:
  • 25% of total cost will be refunded if booking is cancelled before 72hrs. from decided/declared time of commencement of service/s unless otherwise agreed upon by Kanak Holidays. 
  • NO refund will be provided if services will be cancelled/amend by the client in less than 72hrs. from the decided/declared time & date of commencement of service/s. 
  • Kanak Holidays reserves the right to fix the duration & date to made refund to client.
  • Before the customer embarks on the holiday, he/she must be covered by insurance, which must include the cost of helicopter rescue, medical treatment and repatriation if necessary.
  • Kanak Holidays would not be liable to pay any kind of compensation arising out of any mishap, sickness, accident, delay on part of client etc

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