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Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Ticket cancellation / modification/Refund:


  • Cancellations are not entertained over phone
  • Cancellation is not allowed within 24 hrs (100% Diduction)
  • Cancellation charges before 24 Hrs to 60 days - 10%
  • Partial cancellation is not allowed.
  • Note: 15% service tax extra on cancellation charge amount
  • Cancelled ticket amount is transferred back to the source, which means your credit / debit / net banking / cash card or mobile payment account.
  • The cancelled ticket amount is refunded by the respective bank subject to terms and conditions of the bank. However, if you need any assistance for repayments you can contact our Head office.


  • For any modification: Rs 10 per ticket
  • Modification/changes to the origin and/or destination of travel and/or customer name, etc are not permitted on ticket.


  • No-Refund less than 24 hrs before departure time
  • No-Refund after departure.
  • No-Refunds or Complaints will be entertained for passenger waiting for the Bus at an incorrect boarding point. The passenger is requested to confirm the exact boarding point and time with Kanak Holidays well in advance.
  • In case of valid reasons, refund will be done by producing proper PNR and identity proof by passenger to the satisfaction of operator.

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